Fred Gil Academy
At Fred Gil Academy we developed our integrated method of practicing, that we believe it’s much more than just a tennis session.
We work the mental part, the tactical aspects, the technical improvements and the physical condition.
In cooperation with our team members, we are here to help you achieve your tennis goals.
At Fred Gil Academy we believe that first of all we are human beings, we have the capacity to adjust towards our visions, and we can make it all happen.


Just as physical training strengthens the body, psychological training strengthens the mind. In our project these are the basis for success.
First we are a person and then an athlete.
Assessment: technical, physical, tactical and mental.
Mindfulness questionnaire for sport, profile of personal and competitive mental state.
Evaluation in training and competition from a personal and coach perspective.
Training and competition behavior records.
In-person and online group sessions.
One-to-one and online sessions (as needed).
Constant field behavioral analysis by the technical team.